The Essence of You

sunflower in munich garden

Sometimes I find myself so wrapped up in what other people are doing, how their lives are going, how their business is moving, etc. I can definitely fall into a comparison trap quite easily, especially when I’m heavily absorbed in social media. You probably know what I’m talking about and have experienced times like this too.

When I’m aware of it, I can usually snap myself out of it by having a break from social media for a few days or a week or a month, depending on how I feel. Although it can be quite difficult having such a break, especially when you’re in the process of creating and promoting a small business- social media is kind of an important part.

I’ve been thinking lately, why is it that I don’t take time to admire myself? All my little quirks. The essence of my crazy little mind. My habits and mannerisms. My own creative ideas and completed projects. Why I choose this over that. Just all of the things that make me- me.

I can spend way too much time obsessing over others, when really, I could be putting all that energy into loving and supporting myself. I’m not talking about doing this in a self-absorbed kind of way, I’m talking about focusing more on my own unique qualities and appreciating them. Observing how far I’ve come and how much I’ve learned. Even accepting the parts that I’ve always thought to be a bit shabby. But it starts by being aware.

I found this poem online a few years back. It’s by Madisen Kuhn. I love what she wrote..


who are you, really?

who are you, 


you are not a name 
or a height, or a weight 
or a gender 
you are not an age 
and you are not where you are from

you are your favourite books 
and the songs stuck in your head, 
you are your thoughts 
and what you eat for breakfast 
on Saturday mornings

you are a thousand things, 
but everyone chooses 
to see the million things 
you are not

you’re not where you are from 
you are 
where you are going 
and I’d like to go there 

It’s such a sweet poem isn’t it? It had me think a little about how I introduce myself to new people. So often the first thing we talk about is our job, and whether we’re satisfied with it or not, we choose to identify ourselves with it. Yes it’s a part of your everyday life but it doesn’t make up the essence of you.

I wanna talk about the fun stuff! 
I want to know what was the last thing you created? When did you last sing a song? What’s your favourite place to travel? What’s something you eat that almost brings tears to your eyes because it just tastes so good? Or when did you last cry and laugh at the same time?

What lights you up? What’s your big vision and who do you want to serve? What do you wish for every time you blow out your birthday candles? Is it always something new or has it been the same thing for years? What hobby do you have that makes you lose track of time? When you’re feeling peaceful, what is it that you’re doing?

You know, we are really interesting, even if you think you’re not. Make a mental list right now of all the quirks you have. 

What makes up the essence of you?

Take interest in yourself a little more. You might even surprise yourself. No need to spend your precious energy wishing to be someone else when you could be you!

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