Taking Leaps Before You are "Ready" | Sweet Smiling Soul
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Taking Leaps Before You are "Ready"

Taking Leaps Before You are “Ready” (Video Transcription)


Hi everybody it’s me, Lauren, from Sweet Smiling Soul and I am so happy that you are tuning in again today. This is the fifth episode of my five-part video series where I have been sharing tools and practices that have helped me on my own soul discovery journey in hopes that they help you too and inspire you in some way. I really appreciate you hopping on here today to take a look and I appreciate your feedback as well it has really kept me going this week and it’s been a lot of fun really.


The fifth episode is all about taking leaps before you are ready. This is something that I have been reminding myself to do especially over the last nine months or so. I have to remind myself that it is okay to take risks and to be honest, every time that I have taken a risk I have always been supported in some way and things don’t ever turn out as bad as I think they would have. They actually have often turned out better than I expected when I have just trusted and leaped before I am ready.


The thing that I have had to realize is I am never going to be ready. You are never going to be ready. We constantly say to ourselves that we are not ready, we can’t do this, we can’t do that, it is not for us. Words such as “one day” or “it’ll happen one day”, that doesn’t exist. “One day” doesn’t exist “one day” means never.


You know that “I’m not ready” is just another limiting belief like we talked about yesterday. This has been something that I have been reminding myself of, so I just wanted to talk about that because if you just take the leap before you are ready, you are investing in your growth in some way. You know you are taking the action and doing what you can to put yourself out there and learn from your experiences. And you’ll even surprise yourself.


If you are taking these leaps and just doing it anyway, feeling that fear and just taking the leap anyway, you will surprise yourself and you will commit and realise that you do have so much potential.


For example, I am going to use this IGTV series as an example again. I thought that I would be super ready for something like this. I thought that, last Sunday, I would have five episodes mapped out and recorded and it didn’t work out that way. There were quite a few things that I had to fix up and was definitely not prepared. On Sunday, I put out a video saying that this is what I’ll be doing, and I made the commitment and shared it publicly and had that extra accountability.


I definitely was not ready, but I did it anyway.


This was proof for me that it does work. If I just leap and put it out there anyway, and commit, the confidence comes over time. With practice, if I continue to take action before I am ready, I will really do wonders for my soul.


I really wanted to share that message with you because if you are considering an investment, maybe you are wanting to invest in yourself or invest in something that makes you happy. Maybe you want to learn a new skill or try something new. Maybe you want to quit your job and start a new career. Whatever it is for you, if you keep saying to yourself “I’m not ready, I’m not ready” just know that you are never going to be ready. If you continue to say this and continue to say “one day” or “when…happens” it is not going to happen. You won’t be living in that space where you feel like you are true to yourself.


Just a reminder. Ask yourself, next time you hold yourself back, “Am I doing this because I feel like I am not ready?”. Check in to see if there are a few other limiting beliefs.


Know that the net will always appear. This is a quote by John Burroughs. He was a naturalist from the late 1800s and he used to write essays on nature. One of his quotes is “Leap and the net will appear”. My coach often reminds me of this and I absolutely love it. I think it is one of the greatest quotes ever. Greatest quotes to live by.


Leap and the net will appear because often the net is there. If we are constantly playing it safe and not taking those little risks here and there, how are we ever supposed to evolve? I think it just comes down to trusting that you are always supported, and the worst-case scenario almost never happens. I mean I know in my experience; I could imagine the worst and it does not happen a lot of the time.


If you look back on your life at the things that you wanted to invite in, they probably came in and they probably came in effortlessly, and even better than you may have expected. And if not, then look at it as a lesson. Honestly, just believe that if you live by this “leaping before you are ready” idea it really is such a good way to go about things.


I hope that you enjoyed that little piece of advice and I hope that you enjoyed this series. It has been a lot of fun. I would like to invite you to have a chat with me in the direct messages if you feel like you need that extra support and want extra guidance to get you on that soul-aligned journey, I am here for you. This is what I am all about and I am truly passionate about it. I would love to see what could happen for you and how we could work together, so message me and let me know what you think of the series. I would love to know your thoughts in the comments as well if you have any other ways of taking action. I hope that this video served you well and I will talk to you next time.