Self-Love Is The Portal To Our Brilliance – With Soraiya Bodhi – Ep. 4

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Today I’m speaking with Soraiya Bodhi who lives in Vancouver, Canada and is a Mom of 2 incredible souls, under the age of 3. Her children inspire her everyday to stand in her full light and live in alignment with love.
Soraiya’s roots are from India and East Africa. Growing up her family and traditions emphasized spirituality, celebrating diversity and service. At the age of 10, she began to meditate and found the spark of expressing her soul’s voice through written form.
Over the last 17 years Soraiya has had a successful career in Human Resources where she coaches, trains and leads others. She holds a Masters in International Business from the University of Edinburgh and has travelled to 20 countries and 3 continents.
Soraiya’s mission in life is to be an instrument of divine’s love, scattering love, light and peace to every corner of this planet. Through speaking and writing she hopes to inspire millions of moms to unconditionally love and accept themselves, lighting the path for their children to do the same. She believes in doing so, this will lead to a collective consciousness of being aligned to our soul’s purpose, and serving from an overflow of love, compassion and peace, making the world far brighter than we found it.
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