How to Move Past Fear | Sweet Smiling Soul
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How to Move Past Fear

How To Move Past Fear… (Video Transcription)


Hi everybody it’s Lauren from Sweet Smiling Soul. I thought I would show up in video format just for something different. For those of you who have been on my mailing list for quite some time, you know that I send out a monthly newsletter. But I was just feeling called to show up in a more personal way and to show up here in video form, so you can see who I am if you are not sure who I am, and what I am all about, as well as what Sweet Smiling Soul is all about.

I thought I would pop on here today and add value in some way and talk about something that I have been working through for the last year. Something that has really made a huge difference in my, a positive difference – that is using fear as inspiration to leap and just go for it anyway.

Usually fear comes up when we want to try something new and often it is because we don’t believe in ourselves. We don’t follow through or we believe that we are not good enough in some way. Not being good enough has definitely been a very present thing throughout my life, even as a child. Some of you can probably relate but when fear comes up or self-doubt or limiting beliefs, often they stem from not having enough, not being enough or not doing enough – something that’s lacking. I will talk about this a little bit more later in the week but today I just wanted to talk about fear.

If you are feeling the fear, I encourage you to turn it around and use it as inspiration to leap and just go for it anyway. This has been something that I have been doing. I have done it plenty of times especially in my business this year. About a year ago I wanted to pivot my business from selling macrame products to doing coaching and being a mentor for women. At the time it was so scary, and I just thought, wow, I don’t know if I can do this but there was a calling and there was something telling me to just go for it anyway. Like intuition/soul telling me softly “You can do this. Just go for it!”.

So, I have been challenging myself to just listen to soul more rather than ego because ego is the voice in our heads that just tells us that we shouldn’t do things, it’s too risky. Ego says, “Why would you want to take that leap? You know you are not good enough to do that”. It is all this self-chatter that holds us back. It really holds us back. We are unable to achieve what we really want in life. I just kind of got over this. I was done with listening to the voice of ego. I am done with always feeling fearful.

If there is something that I really want to do or try and achieve, when fear creeps up, I just look at it as inspiration and I take the leap anyway. The times where I have done this, amazing things have happened and I have really surprised myself with what I’ve been able to come up with, what I have been able to achieve. It is just taking these little actions, going against the fear and doing it anyway. You really want to take these actions. Taking action has made such a huge impact on my life.

I wanted to share that with you today. It is just a little snippet of what I have been working on lately and hopefully it serves you in some way. I will pop in here again during the week with another video sharing a little bit more in depth and where fear really stems from. We are covering more topics around not feeling good enough, which is very present, in many young women. Women tend to stop themselves from achieving what they really want and it all stems from this feeling of not being good enough. I will go more in depth with that tomorrow. I hope this video served you well and I will see you soon, enjoy the rest of your day.