How To Find Your Purpose – Ep. 5

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🤔 It’s taken me a long time to find my purpose…

As soon as I left high school I put pressure on myself to step into a role that was ‘stable and secure’, never thinking about whether I’d like it or not.

I wasn’t interested in university. I just wanted to get out there and start working so I could set myself up for the rest of my days.

Working in a bank was nice for a while. I purchased a brand new car at the age of 19 and paid it off within less than a year.

I saved my money and moved myself to a bigger city by the ocean. I made all the ‘adult’ moves I could think of as I strived for independence and social status.

But I wasn’t happy.

I was constantly rushing about, mindlessly.

My soul was separate from my body.

I wasn’t living my purpose.

What was my purpose?

🌈 I had a constant craving for creativity and adventure, and deep down I wanted to help others and express my nurturing side.

It took me some time to listen to this calling because I was so clouded by the expectations of others, as well as my own ego.

I was full of self-doubt, fear and often dimmed my own light.

✨ After working with a mentor, I began to remember who I was.

💗 I began to believe in myself.

In this episode of The Smiling Soul Podcast, I talk about some of the steps I’ve taken to help me find my purpose, in hopes they could help you too if you’re currently trying to figure it out.

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