5 Steps to Help You Find Happiness

hot air balloons

“I’ll be happy when…” 

It’s a common thought for many of us whether it be a conscious thought or not. 

Remove this thought pattern by practicing the below steps:

–  List 3 or more things that you are grateful for (on paper or out loud) at least once everyday 

–  Look back and remember what you once asked for. Maybe you desired your own home- and you bought it. Maybe you desired a little family- and it happened. Maybe you applied for your dream job- and you got. Or maybe you desired to travel the world-and you did! Remember whatever it was!

–  Practice being more present. Notice your senses. What do you hear, smell, taste etc.? Count your breath. Notice that your heart and lungs work night and day to support you. Presence brings inner harmony

–  Say out loud “I am here!” or “I’m here now!” and do your best to pay attention to where you’re at and appreciate that space

–  At the end of the day when your head rests on your pillow, ask yourself “What was the best part about today?” Think about what made you smile

Sometimes we forget what we have achieved and so it can be easy to believe that we’ve failed or that we haven’t experienced happiness just yet. It’s important to remember how far we’ve come. 

Remind yourself of all the things that have brought you joy and a sense of success over the years! Be proud of these things, big or small!

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Take care, 

Lauren x