3 Ways To Go With The Flow

Struggling to go with the flow? Sometimes it’s not easy, amirite?

Flow comes when we are willing to surrender to the process. When we trust that we are being divinely guided and supported. When we believe that we are here on this earth, breathing, being ourselves – for a reason.

Because you are here for a reason. You do know that right?

Obviously, surrendering to the flow is a choice. Good thing I have a recipe to help the flow come easily to you…

Would you like the recipe to help you surrender more? Great! I’m going to give it to you anyway!



Practice gratitude for ALL that you have. I’m also talking about the “problems” and the “bad things” here. Because problems and bad things always have lessons and messages for you to receive and without those set backs or limits, you would not overcome them and grow into the beautiful self you are born to be!

Some suggestions for things to be grateful for:

  • Start with your heart, lungs and brain that work night and day to support you
  • Your beautiful strong body for being able to hold you up, heal, make things, get you places, hug your loved ones
  • The people who lift you up and inspire you, encouraging you to be the best you can be
  • The life journey you’ve been on
  • The accomplishments you’ve made
  • The experiences that lit up your soul, made you laugh and made you cry so that you could feel the human-ness within you!
  • The technology that allows you to stay connected to those you love when you’re so far away from them
  • The last meal you had and the next meal that’s coming…

I could go on and on here, but here are some ideas to spark inspiration. When we express gratitude daily, consistently, repeatedly, the Universe hears you! Your soul hears you!

And the flow begins…


Be unapologetically you, give yourself the time and space to practice self-love and care, recognise your strengths and abilities and remember how far you’ve come!

Admire the essence of you, your thoughts, your creations, your magical self!

When you celebrate yourself in loving and nurturing ways…

…You’ll continue to flow…


You know, there’s a reason why successful people practice all of the above PLUS visualisation!

Because it works!!!

Did you know, artists, performers and other successful people of the world, such as Hugh Jackman, practice visualisation everyday!

I recently listened to a powerful podcast interview on The Tim Ferriss Show with Hugh Jackman!

Hugh literally writes a letter to his future self every morning, about the delightful day he had, expressing deep gratitude towards it, BEFORE he has even experienced his day!

He is practicing gratitude, visualisation, presence, self-care, everyday as a ritual…

He feels in flow with his art. He’s connected, mindful, grounded and blissful because he surrenders to the flow everyday and makes it a consistent practice – a non-negotiable!

Hugh not only feels like his best self, but he delivers his best self to others!

If you’d like to listen to it, here’s the spotify link! It was an incredible interview!

When we visualise our best selves, our greatest life – the flow continues…

So this is the current recipe I’m following. I know there are extra ingredients to spice things up even more here, but for now, this seems to be working for me. Maybe it’ll work for you too!

I’m seeing things unfold in my life with ease and flow lately. And I truly believe that it’s because I’m surrendering to the recipe above.

Happy flowing!

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Take care,

Lauren x