2 Things To Let Go Of…

There are two major things that I’ve been able to let go of this year and I believe it allowed me to fully step into my business and my authentic self.

Thing number 1: Perfectionism


I chose to actively become aware of when I’m fussing about, taking longer than necessary and creating road blocks.

Most of the time, I’m fussing about because there is this desire that everything needs to be perfect. The spelling, the grammar, the border and alignment of the graphics I make.

It must be accurate before I can move on with the next task.

Not only in my business, but in my everyday life perfectionism can show up.

The clothes must be hung out on the clothes rack evenly so that they dry in all the places (any overlap or crease is unacceptable). The bed must be made everyday, pillows must be fluffed and the throw blanket must be spread out evenly. When folding the washing, I fold and then refold the towels if they’re not neat enough.

I know it’s only human to have little quirks such as the above. However, at the beginning of the year, I noticed that the reason why I was only taking small steps in my business, was because I was so caught up on perfectionism.

I wouldn’t allow myself to share my creations or thoughts with the world at the level that I deeply wanted because none of it was “perfect” yet. Ego lead the way, telling me all the reasons why I wasn’t ready and that I wasn’t good enough.

Once I became aware of this, I decided to challenge perfectionism every time I noticed myself fussing about and taking way longer than needed.

I’d ask myself:

“Do I actually need to stress about this right now?”


“Is this task light and easy or am I making in difficult by focusing too much on the unnecessary details?”

I’d lift myself up and say:

“It’s fine Lauren, as long as they get the message!”


“They probably won’t even notice the things that you’re obsessing over anyway…”

So now that I’ve released this perfectionism (it’s an ongoing practice of awareness really), I’ve learned that:

  • I save so much time
  • I get my message out faster
  • I don’t allow ego to talk me out of my mission
  • Tasks are completed efficiently and effectively
  • Tasks are not so mundane (I always wondered why I got bored so quickly and it was because I was worrying about the little things and taking longer than needed)


Because I call myself out when I’m being a perfectionist, I’ve noticed that it’s made a positive difference and impact on my business.

Thing number 2: Being less concerned about what other people think.


I’ll try to keep it short here.

You’ve probably heard this many times throughout your life – don’t worry about what other people think.

I’ve heard it a million times too but I didn’t actually attempt to stop worrying until this year.

It’s funny, the people I would worry about the most were the people that have known me for my entire life or for most of it anyway. I’m talking family first and then friends from primary school and high school.

Weird I know, but I honestly think this fear is there because we worry about changing and then we worry about people accepting that change.

The thing is, we never stay the same. Every single day we are evolving and changing in some way, from losing a single hair on our head, to experiencing full-blown awakenings.

We grow, we travel, we desire to learn something new. We quit our boring, unfulfilling jobs to finally do what lights up our soul. We get all excited about life and the possibilities and then a minute later we sink into fear’s quicksand, unable to take the leap because we’re worried about what our parents will say or what our childhood best friend will think.

Here’s how to care less about what other people think:

  • Let go of the fact that you cannot please everybody, it’s impossible. But also, why would you need or want to? That sounds exhausting!
  • Step into your greatest self, listen to your soul calling and start to live your dream
  • Lead by example, show people what life could be like
  • Understand that the people you desire to attract in your life, naturally feel drawn to you when you’re being your true authentic self
  • The good ones will most likely feel inspired by you rather than judge you
  • Care about the fact that you have something to give to the world, something that could impact others in a positive way. Why keep it a secret when there are people out there who need it?


I could go on and on here, but the above are just a few things that I’ve become aware of myself this year, and I honestly believe it’s allowed me to get out of my own way.

In what areas of your life will you release perfectionism today?

The only person you really have to please in this life is yourself.

For further guidance in getting out of your own way and becoming your true authentic self, reach out to me here! I’d love to see what’s possible for you! 


Take care,

Lauren x