Waking up from the dream…

It’s June already and wow…. What a year it’s been so far.

We’re experiencing an Awakening at an individual and collective level. 2020 has brought so much to the table that we really have no choice but to open our eyes and become aware of what’s really important.

The Australian bushfires provided the message that we need to up our game when it comes to protecting mother earth. Covid-19 forced us to pause and think about what truly matters in life. And the current events taking place in the US shine light on the racial injustices that have gone on for far too long. Not only in the US but all over the world.

These are things that we can no longer ignore. We must surrender to change for the greater good, for humanity, future generations, for mother earth.

As the weight gets heavier and heavier, I find myself sinking deeper and deeper internally. I realise that I no longer feel the need to focus on trivial matters in life. My attention must be directed somewhere else.

Now is the time to educate myself on humanitarian matters. It’s never too late to listen, learn and reflect. My Soul says, it’s time to understand the true meaning of life and the connection with the people in it. The fact that we are all one and that if we focus our energy on love and kindness, we can heal and come out of this enlightened, prepared and ready to embrace a new earth. I believe it’s a strong knowing within many of us. This knowing could be new or maybe it has been with you for years.

Now more than ever, it’s important to take the time to observe and confront ourselves.

How can I respond better to discrimination?
What simple action can I take today to nurture the world and the people in it?
What really matters?
How can we stop separating ourselves from one and other?
Why do we blame and shame?
Why do we cling onto this notion that is “us and them”?

We are all children of this planet. Every single one of us. No matter what.

When we become conscious, reflect and actively listen, we begin to develop appreciation and consideration for the voices of the Souls that need to be heard right now. They must be heard.

Everybody will move through this awakening in their own way. Some will protest and share their passion out loud. Some will feel called to meditate in peace. Some will feel fuelled with aggression. Some will feel fuelled with love. Some will experience both. Whichever way your Soul feels called to respond – do that.

But allow yourself to surrender to the awakening. Let go of resistance. Let your heart and soul open wide and accept these important lessons that must be learned.

I believe deep down that we are receiving the Universe’s message loud and clear – it’s up to us as a collective to take Soul-aligned action.

Change is hard, but not changing will be harder. We cannot move into the direction of an enlightened world without first evolving as individuals. Love, peace and change for the better, begins with the self.

Ways to embrace this awakening: 

– Practice seeing oneness. To see it, start by looking at every single person you encounter as if they are a reflection of yourself.

– Understand that you are a part of the whole. When you openly give and receive love, you are contributing positively to the collective energy. Your contribution adds to the wholeness/oneness of the Universe and your contribution (even if it’s small) is beyond powerful – how do you want to contribute to the whole?

– Be aware of the pain in the world, observe it but don’t take it on as if it is a physical part of you. It’s a vibration that is simply here to assist in the awakening of the planet. Without pain, we cannot grow. Once it has done its duty (which is to get our attention) we’ll begin to realise that love is the only answer. We’ll then take inspired action to heal.

– Be aware of your breath. Inhale peace, exhale suffering.

– Meditate – Simply close your eyes and sit for 5-10 minutes a day and envision peace in the world. Visualise yourself giving and receiving positive energy.

– Practice consciousness – be aware of everything in your life, the choices you make and how you interact with others. What are your values? Are your beliefs serving yourself and the collective as one?

– Surround yourself with people who practice awareness. Ignorance gets us nowhere. Learn as much as you can.

– Hold a safe space for others to openly share their thoughts and emotions. Actively listen, empathise and receive the message they deliver. If it’s coming from anger, love them. If it’s coming from peace, love them. If it’s coming from a place of confusion, love them. The awakening is a different experience for everybody. Once again, love, acceptance and understanding is the answer.

A few quotes to represent the meaning of oneness:

– I am he, as you are he, as you are me, and we are all together – John Lennon

– Oneness is the absolute truth. Duality is an illusion – Shradra Shukla

– On the platform of reality, on the platform of oneness of life, all differences dissolve – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

– I am the loving energy of the universe – Unknown

– He who experiences the unity of life, sees his own self in all beings and all beings in his own self- Buddha

I hope this message lifts you up and inspires you in some way. Continue to trust in the unfolding and know that without growing pains, there can be no journey to enlightenment. 

If I can support you in any way during these uncertain times, feel free to contact me here if you wish to receive deeper soul guidance. 

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Take care, 

Lauren x 

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