Tools And Practices That Have Helped Me On My Self-Discovery Journey | Sweet Smiling Soul
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Tools And Practices aThat Have Helped Me On My Self-Discovery Journey (Video Transcription)

Hi everybody and welcome to Sweet Smiling Soul. I’m Lauren and I’m so grateful that you are here following along with the Sweet Smiling Soul community. I really hope that everything that I have put out there for you guys has added value to you in some way. I am enjoying receiving all the feedback and just connecting with so many like-minded women and it’s really confirmed that I am right where I’m meant to be.

I wanted to pop on here today to do an introduction to a five-part video series that I will be sharing with you over the next week. It’ll be five videos where I share all the tools that have supported me on my own soul journey. Lots of spiritual woo-woo stuff so if you are into that you are in the right place. I am really passionate about it.

I really want to share all that I know so I hope that it inspires you in some way and lifts you up. I will be doing it through IGTV so all the videos will be saved on my Instagram feed and my Facebook feed so you can refer back to them when you have some time. I really want to give you an overview of what I will be talking about.

The first video will be about ways to find your purpose so I will be sharing three spiritual tools that have helped me on my own journey to finding purpose. I really look forward to it. The second one will be, ‘how to use anxiety as a tool’. This is a big one for me. It’s been an ongoing journey, but I really want to share everything that I have learned and all the epiphanies I have had around anxiety. It’s really me sharing how I look at anxiety in a different light, so I hope that that inspires you in some way.

The third video will be around releasing negative judgment this has been a very present practice in my life this year, so I am looking forward to just sharing the three tips that have allowed me to release this negative judgment on myself but also towards others. The fourth video will be the one thing that has helped me move past limiting beliefs aka ego, the voice of ego. So again, an ongoing journey but I really just want to share the tips and tricks to move past ego and limiting beliefs so that you can step into your aligned self.

On the last day I will be talking about why taking the leap to invest in yourself, whether it be time energy or money, before you are ready, can do wonders for your soul. This has been huge for me over the last nine months. I think I have grown so much in that time and it’s really blown me away. It really just comes down to listening to the soul nudges, not listening to ego and limiting beliefs and just taking leaps before I feel 100% ready. If I continue to say that I am never going to be ready, then I am never going to be ready. I am moving past that and it’s been really great, so I am so excited to share that with you.

I am excited to share all of them, really. They are all things have just really helped me and I believe if they’ve helped me in some way, hopefully they can help you as well. It’s just another way for us to connect on a more personal level, so I am going to be raw and vulnerable. I’ll share everything in an authentic way because that’s what I am all about! So, I hope you can tune in and I really look forward to it. I will be doing the first video tomorrow. I’ll see you then!