Summer-Salting Into the New Year

crab on the beach at cabarita

January 11th was our first full moon for 2020 and it happened to be in the Astrological sign of Cancer. Cancer is symbolised by the crab. It is the warm, nurturing, motherly sign, and can often be very emotional. It also happens to be my moon sign (moon represents one’s inner world, compared to the sun/star sign which represents one’s outward expression).

So, I was amazed when I saw this crab hanging out on the beach under the Cancer Full Moon. I watched this crab scatter itself across the sand, and every now and then he would summer-salt as the waves washed over him. As I watched, I felt that there was something for me to learn or a nudge to go within.

The message I received was that I need to toughen up a bit, like the crab’s shell. Protect myself and my emotional energy by choosing to have fun, and summer-salt as the waves roll in, rather than react or resist and become overwhelmed. Go with the flow more and do things my own way as the new year begins.

Not everything has to be planned and straightforward all the time, it’s okay to go sideways and upside-down every now and then and allow yourself to discover alternative routes in life.

I must add that literally 2 hours later, I was at another beach sitting in a man-made rock pool that had large waves crashing over it which filled the pool with water. On the edge of the pool I saw a second crab! This time he was black and a little smaller. He was walking along the wall and the waves crashed over him repeatedly. This guy was so strong, he didn’t let anything stop him. Every time I watched a wave crash, I thought that he would definitely wash away, but he didn’t. He just kept keepin’ on.

I’ve got a clean slate to work with right now in regard to my career and my next move, and this little guy was the perfect message to receive at this moment in time.

Practicing awareness is a nice way to become more observant of our surroundings and ourselves. Maybe we can learn something in the moment. It can also be meditative to watch animals in nature. I admire how they just are, and how they spend their days being instead of doing, like us humans so often do. We can learn many things through observing and admiring nature.

Do you look out for teachings or messages from nature?