New Moon May 2020

Gemini New Moon – 22nd May 2020

New moons represent new beginnings. It’s a time to wipe the slate clean and prepare for the next cycle. It’s ideal for opening up and inviting in new ideas, creating a fresh vibe for you to work with whether it be related to your overall well-being, your life or your business.


The Overall Gemini Energy:


       Intelligent/love of learning

       Indecisive/scattered energy

       Bored easily

       Seeks adventure and exploration




For this New Moon I pulled 2 oracle cards – Sacrifice and Wisdom



We receive a message to prioritise and make wise choices. A message to focus on one thing to create and create it well. Let go of the belief that you must do it all at once.

Create one thing, birth it into the world and then create the next thing. Under this New Moon energy, you may feel scattered and as though you are being pulled in all directions.

Sometimes it’s not possible to have it all at once. Sometimes dreams take time. Step by step.

Clear the clutter of your mind/life/business and reassess. Do not make choices that come from a place of “I should”. Make choices because they align. Some things work well for others; however, they may not work well for you.

Know your worth and remember the real you. Make sacrifices that complement the life or business that you envision. The one that your soul desires.

It may not always be easy, but your future self will thank you for it.



Wisdom lies within.

Take responsibility for the impact of your choices. Not only the impact they have on yourself, but the impact on the collective.

Make adjustments, reset, focus on the overall effect you’re here to deliver, that big-picture vision. And own it.

If you believe that too much has been destroyed recently – scrap that idea from your thoughts. Your choices always have the possibility and power to make a positive influence on your life and the world.

Trust that your own pace is the right pace. Release the pressure to live quickly, to excel quickly, to launch quickly. Whatever you’re trying to do quickly – remind yourself of the above message to choose something to create and create it well. Only do what feels aligned with your soul. Remove or ignore the “shoulds”.

Trust that the universe is wise and that you are wise. Trust that everything that is unfolding is perfect and divinely timed.

If boredom occurs, choose the next best step, but try not to lose focus on your overall vision, listen to the call from the depths of your inner being – she knows best.


Overall message:


       Make wise choices that complement the life and business you envision – ask yourself “What would my highest self do?”

       Let go of the belief that you “must” or “should” do it all

       Choose one thing, create it well and then move onto the next

       Take responsibility for the impact you wish to make

       Own your big-picture vision

       Your own pace is the right pace

       Trust in the process

       Your choices always have the possibility and power to make a positive influence on your life and the collective

       Listen to the call


As a special offer under this New Moon, the Mini Soul Cleanse is available at its lowest price point. 


What’s included:

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– Focus on 2 specific areas in your life that are the most important to you right now 

– A detailed self-love and care plan 

– Tools and resources to help you gain clarity around your purpose and to take inspired action on your journey 

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New Moon Investment: €147


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What a wonderful time to start your new journey. I’d be honoured to serve you as a guide.


Happy New Moon!


Lauren x