‘More Than Worthy – The Self-Certification’


Starts 1st February 2021!

Are you ready to step into the highest version of yourself?


Then you’re in the right place!

What you want:


  • To be sure of your path and purpose
  • Released from the limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • To feel empowered
  • To be able to follow your intuition
  • A mind-body connection
  • Belief in yourself
  • A deeper sense of self-love
  • To surprise yourself
  • To reunite with your inner child, your creative self
  • To feel like you’re living life to the fullest
  • Motivation to live a life that fulfils you
  • To get out of your own way

Welcome Friend!


You’re here because you’re ready to make a positive change and/or impact on your life.


Not so long ago, I was right where you are now. Constantly trying to find answers to why I was feeling unfulfilled in my life. I felt like something was missing. There was disconnection in my mind and body and I felt as though I had no real purpose. My life wasn’t inspiring me and deep down I felt that I was meant for so much more.


Limiting beliefs, self-doubt and fear of failure plagued me, causing me to feel stuck and unsure of which step to take next. 


It wasn’t until I explored my options and worked with a life coach, that I began to actively make choices that would benefit my soul rather than my ego. Choices that would lead me to feeling more content, spiritually connected and most of all, sure of myself.

Are you feeling what I’m putting out right now?

The thing is:


– You deserve to embrace the fullest expression of yourself!


– You deserve to feel aligned in your being.


– You’re here to wake up in the morning with a deep sense of fulfilment.


– You’re here to feel at ease and in flow.


– You’re made for great things – believe it!

Are you done with the self-sabotage, the self-pity, the stagnation?


I’ve got you!


Here’s what we’re going to do about it:

MORE THAN WORTHY – THE SELF-CERTIFICATION is the roadmap you need to accept, love and certify yourself for the job of being your true, glorious self.

More Than Worthy

A Certification For The Soul
  • An online, 4-week, group coaching experience
  • Access to video tutorials, audio guides, soulful journaling prompts and bonus resources
  • Weekly live group mentoring calls with replays
  • Online community of high-vibing women to support you further
  • A course built around your needs
  • A self-love and care journey

What you’ll get out of this experience:


  • Ways to deal with the limiting beliefs so that you can remove self-doubt and believe in yourself – just as you did when you were a child


  • A deeper sense of self-love so that you can improve the relationship with yourself and others


  • Self-awareness because this is the key to unconditional self-love and healing


  • A more positive outlook on life that makes you feel inspired and excited


  • Clarity on your purpose and path so that you can wake up in the morning and look forward to your day


  • A mind-body connection and enhanced intuition that allows you to make empowered decisions


  • You’ll take the reins of your life and open yourself up to the things that you probably never thought were possible

We begin 1st February 2021!!

I was inspired to join the ‘More Than Worthy’ program to receive support and encouragement from other women in taking the next steps in my small business. I began to better understand how to differentiate between ego and intuition and I've begun speaking out loud those things which I'm grateful for. After our weekly live calls I felt inspired, supported and joyful. I found the course material very useful! I plan to go back over different parts at different times in my life when I need a reminder. I really enjoyed the part about connecting with your inner child. This course is an incredibly useful investment if you are looking to dig deeper and discover your best self, all while being surrounded by supportive and encouraging women.
Alison - United States
'More Than Worthy - The Self-Certification' member
young woman sitting on bench on belvedere gardens in vienna

Why should you learn from me?

I’m a lifestyle teacher serving and inspiring women to live in alignment with their highest self. Through yoga philosophy, meta-physical practices and soulful conversations, I will guide you on a deeper self-discovery journey, paving the way for a more inspiring, fulfilling and creative life.


I’m a real person with real-life experiences and I’m going to share my real stories of transformation with you. I’ll give you the tools and practices that helped me to get on an aligned path. Your new path, will be one that excites you!


I’ve been where you are. I’ve felt years of discontentment, trying to squeeze myself into moulds that didn’t feel right. I’ve spent years trying to please everybody but myself, dimming my light and playing small.


I’ve also spent years working on myself, trying anything and everything to understand my soul at a deeper level. I got bored of my old limiting beliefs and decided to live a life that inspired me. And now, I can show you step-by-step, exactly how I did it. 


Sometimes it takes a mentor to shine the light in you and guide you to step into your full potential. 


And I’ll gladly fill that missing piece for you.

Does this sound like something you need in your life?


Is intuition nudging you to take an exciting leap for yourself? 

I’ve been struggling with self-love for many years now and I knew the program would be uplifting for me. I needed guidance on how to manage my thought process and make positive changes to my lifestyle. I had a lot of personal realisations but I think what really helped me most was sharing experiences with fellow members and being able to feel comfortable while doing so. One thing I noticed was that a lot of the time we care too much about what other people think or say and Lauren gave us mindful practices to deal with these anxieties and insecurities we often possess. Expressing my inner child and actually allowing my inner child to come to life, without fear of judgement, was super important for me throughout this journey. After each live call with the group, I felt revived and relieved from stress! I especially loved the worksheets! They didn’t feel like a chore or a task because completing them made me feel more aware of where I am in my life and what I needed to do to change things for the better, but also, I felt proud of my progress, which I noticed more when I completed the worksheets. If you’re thinking about completing ‘More Than Worthy’, do it! I believe this could be a gateway for more self-love and care practices, among many other positive changes!
Meagan - Australia
'More Than Worthy - The Self-Certification' member
young woman sitting on bench on belvedere gardens in vienna from the front

I’ve been practicing self-love and care for a long time now, and while reflecting on my journey, I realised that one of the major things that held me back all those years was the feeling of not being “good enough”.


Ego lead the way, constantly feeding me the following thoughts:


– I’m not smart enough

– I’m not confident enough

– I’m not ready

– I’m not brave enough

– I don’t have enough money

– I don’t have enough time…


…the list goes on.


Overall, I didn’t feel like I was enough and so I limited myself. I believed the lies I told myself and carried them around with me like a backpack, projecting out into the universe that this was my story.


Stories – that’s exactly what they are, and we have the power to change them!


– You’re here because you’re the woman who is done with playing small.

– You’re done with trying to figure it out on your own.

– You’ve possibly read countless self-help books but struggle to put what you’ve learned into practice.

– You may feel as though you don’t have a bigger purpose in life, a purpose that goes beyond the roles you already play (mother, girlfriend, wife, employee, etc.)

– Maybe you’re the woman who is sick of the stories that occur in your mind over and over again.

– You feel like you’ve attached yourself to thought patterns that aren’t serving you anymore and you’re ready to release them!


I get it, I’ve totally been there…


However, I’ve found ways to get myself out of the rut and release what no longer serves me!


And that’s exactly why I’m here. I’m here to show you the way to a more fulfilling life! 

‘More Than Worthy – The Self-Certification’


  • You’ll begin to have a clear sense of purpose
  • A deeper understanding of what it is that you want in life
  • A reunion with your soul
  • A mind-body connection
  • Better decision making skills
  • Limiting beliefs will have no place in your mind
  • Overall, you’ll regain trust and belief in yourself again


And I’ll be right here to guide you on this soulful journey where you’ll embrace the version of you that you were born to be.


This program is for you if what you’re reading here is speaking to your soul! 

I had been looking for something to help push through limiting beliefs and level up my self worth. I had been wanting a coach of some kind and then I received a beautiful message from Lauren, inviting me to participate in the ‘More Than Worthy’ program. Manifestation at its finest! My biggest takeaways were investing time and energy into working on myself at a deeper level. I gained new journaling prompts and exercises to unpack limiting beliefs and space was created for women to share openly, and feel safe to do so. I was able to work through deep feelings of hurt from a past fight with a family member and was able to start the journey to forgiveness and create a closer relationship again. The program helped me to unpack limiting beliefs that stem from not feeling enough. The different journaling prompts help you to look at situations and beliefs through different lenses. It’s allowed me to realise my worth and start shedding these beliefs that no longer serve me. The program opened up deeper conversations between my friends, boyfriend and I, and allowed us to become closer. It was a big thing for me to be vulnerable with women I did not know, something I struggle to do with those even close to me. However, after each live call during the program, I felt connected and heard. I found the course materials very very useful! All of it was useful! From clearing physical things I no longer needed to clearing the mental things I no longer needed. If you’re on the fence about joining the program, do it! Take the time to invest in yourself, you deserve to know your true worth and this program helps you get closer to that!
Ashley - Australia
'More Than Worthy - The Self-Certification' member

Are you ready?

We begin this exciting adventure on the 1st February!