How to Tackle Limiting Beliefs | Sweet Smiling Soul
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How to Tackle Limiting Beliefs

How to Tackle Limiting Beliefs (Video Transcription)

Hi everybody it is me Lauren from Sweet Smiling Soul. So happy that you are tuning in again. This is my fourth episode of my five-part video series where I share all the things that have helped me on my own soul discovery journey in hopes that they can help you too. They are the things that make me feel more empowered and content within myself and I am truly passionate about all the topics that I have been speaking of this week. I hope that you are gaining some knowledge and a few little take-aways. A few nuggets of information.

I am really having fun with it so far, so today’s topic is all about limiting beliefs and moving past them. I am super passionate about this topic. It is definitely an ongoing practice for me. For example, I have had a limiting belief forever, for as long as I can remember, that I am not confident enough. And so this has definitely limited me in a lot of ways throughout my life, especially in certain moments where I might feel a little bit shy or embarrassed. A lot of the time my face will turn bright red. Those people that really know me out there know that it goes super red and I could almost fry an egg on my face. It is just so red and so it is been an ongoing thing for me to just move past this limiting belief that I am not confident. I am not confident enough to do what I want to do with my life and so I am here to talk about it today.

So limiting beliefs are basically stories that we tell ourselves and then we just choose to believe them. They can stem from childhood or we could pick them up throughout adulthood because of certain experiences that we have had. A lot of the time a limiting belief stems from a lack mentality kind of thing like you just feel like you are not good enough. Not good enough, rich enough, smart enough to do a certain thing. Or “I can’t do this thing” or “somebody else could do that but not me”. “I am not made for success, others are but not me”. It is just these limiting beliefs that really hold us back, even if a lot of them are unconscious beliefs. But if they are beliefs that you are aware of, this practice that I am going to talk about today could just help you get over them, move past them and really just step into the aligned self that you really want to be. I hope it serves you today.

It is really just one main thing that I have been practicing recently which is understanding that I have two voices to listen to. There is the voice of ego and there is the voice of soul. The voice of ego is basically the narrator of all these limiting beliefs. All these stories that are going on inside your mind. Ego is the one that kind of says

“No you are not good enough, you can’t do this! Why would you think that you could do this? You know that’s silly! Don’t embarrass yourself! Don’t make a fool of yourself! You are not made out for this!”

These kind of words – that’s ego! And then soul, on the other hand, is very nurturing and loving and empowering. The voice of soul believes that you can do anything. There are no limits with soul. A soul is always supporting you. Always guiding you. Soul is the one with the original creative ideas that come to mind like if you want to try something new. Usually you are inspired by it. Usually it is the soul saying “Go for it! This is a cool idea!” Just you know what makes you happy. And that’s just a bit more of a nurturing, loving voice.

But many of us are ruled by ego and ego is always the one that holds us back. It is fear-based thoughts and thoughts on self-doubt. It is a bit of an ongoing battle. I feel like within myself and I know many of you can probably relate but you are

“How do I move past this? How do I actually do what I really want to do with my life? Without feeling this lack” and “I am not good enough” and “I am not ready”.

I am super passionate about it. Lately I have just kind of been, I mean I am always hearing both voices. I mean I am listening to soul but there are definitely times where I am listening to my ego. For example, this week I wanted to do this IGTV series and the initial inspiration came from soul. I was really excited about it and like “Yes I have got this! I have got the tools. I have got the knowledge to just put it out there into the world.

Soul was just like “Yeah go for it!” and then ego was like halfway through the week… to be honest, ego was just like “Yeah, no… This isn’t for you! Why are you embarrassing yourself? Why are you putting this up there? Nobody wants to listen to you. You are not special!”

It was just so harsh and all these words, these thoughts, that came from ego were just really showing up. But at the same time, I could still hear soul in the background like “Hey, listen here! I am still here and I am still here to support you! Please have trust, just go for it!”.  And even though it is soft and subtle, the soul in the background, I still know that she is there. I am like “Yeah okay, I just need to go with it! So it is making a choice. That’s being aware that there is the voice of ego there is a voice of soul.

Which one is going to benefit me in the long run? In my eyes, it is always soul. It is always leading with the heart. It is just doing the things that really make you feel good and the thoughts and messages that you receive – that really empower you and lift you up. Those are the things you want to listen to.

And so even when ego is so loud and overbearing and the doubt comes in, the fear comes in, just really try to suppress it when you can. Just really tune into your intuition and listen to soul because she really always knows best. So I hope this makes some kind of sense. It is a bit woo-woo but definitely something that I am using on a daily basis. Just trying to listen to

 “What thoughts serve me? What thoughts don’t?”

It is just listening to, I mean you can listen to both, but in the long run just listen to what you believe will really serve you. Allow yourself to just step into your full potential and your limitless being because we are limitless. We can really do anything we put our minds to. Anything we put our heart and soul to. I truly believe that if we continue to listen to our intuition and those soul nudges we will really just begin to be our true authentic self and live in alignment with the person that we really want to be. And the person that we really are so.

I hope this served you in some way. Let me know what you think. This is exactly what I talk about with my one-on-one clients. We are just always moving through these limiting beliefs and making way for more positive thoughts, positive actions. It is just everything that I am about. Everything that my clients are about and I am truly passionate about it. So I hope that this served you and let me know what you are doing. Just get over those limiting beliefs. Maybe you are one to write affirmations in your journal or think thoughts that are opposite to ego. Just be really aware and proactively counteract those negative thoughts. That’s also another thing that you could do but it is definitely an ongoing practice. I am truly passionate about it and I think if we can continue to be aware and make way for loving, nurturing thoughts and beliefs, we’ll just step into our light. So anyway, that’s it for today and I will see you tomorrow.