How to Release Negative Judgement Towards Yourself and Others | Sweet Smiling Soul
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How to Release Negative Judgement Towards Yourself and Others

How to Release Negative Judgement Towards Yourself and Others (Video Transcription)

Hi everybody it’s me Lauren from Sweet Smiling Soul and this is the third episode of my five-part video series where I share all the things that have helped me on my own soul journey and helped me to feel more empowered and at peace within myself. So, I hope you are enjoying them so far!

Today’s topic is about releasing negative judgment. This is negative judgment towards others but also towards yourself. This is definitely a very present topic in my life right now, especially today, even before doing this video there was so much judgement going towards myself. It has been quite difficult for me to get my message out without me putting myself down.

I am going to talk about it and share three ways to release negative judgment towards others as well. So, the first thing is to look at the child within. Observe the innocence in everybody. This also helps when I am observing my own inner child and becoming aware of different things that might trigger me maybe from my childhood that are still kind of haunting me to this day. There are just so many things that we are working through even as adults and a lot of it can stem from childhood. When you observe the child within yourself, but also within others, and just look at the innocence it can definitely help to release that negative judgment and to see them as they are. Just know that they are on a never-ending journey of learning and growth. It is just an ongoing journey. So that’s the first step.

The second step is to mirror them so try to see yourself in others. When you look at others, look at them as if they’re a reflection of yourself. So, for this situation I would remind myself of a time where I was in a similar position. I might have experienced a similar situation and so I try to empathize with the person. Sometimes when you observe different qualities in others and it triggers you, it can also be a quality that’s within yourself. Even if you are unaware of it. So mirroring is definitely something that can allow you to release that negativity towards somebody else.

The third step is to know that everybody is experiencing their own reality. Nobody’s perception of reality is the exact same. Don Miguel Ruiz, the author of ‘The Four Agreements’ explained it as if everybody is experiencing their own movie and, in each movie, we are the lead character. So, I believe I am the lead character in my own life, and you would believe the same and so I guess it is just being aware that everybody has their own perception of what reality is. What’s real; what’s not and everything that they’ve experienced in life has shaped the values and beliefs that they have. It is just all part of their domestication. I guess it is just remembering that everybody’s experiencing their own reality.

So, the three steps are:

The first one is to look at the child within and observe the innocence in somebody.

The second point is to mirror them. See yourself within them and then remember a time where you could possibly relate to the scenario, putting yourself in their shoes in some way and empathizing with them.

The third step is to just know and remind yourself that everybody is experiencing their own reality. It is based on their own life experiences and what their values and beliefs are and how they see the world.

So I hope these three tips help you in some way, it is definitely an ongoing practice. For this year, 2020, it’s being such a crazy year and so much is going on. So many opinions, so many messages, not knowing what to believe what to follow – it is a lot of a lot of information to take in. I feel like judgment has definitely been coming up for me. I am sure many of you can relate.

I hope that these three tips can help you in some way, let me know what you think. Let me know how you are managing it. Reducing negativity is actually something that I help my clients work through in my one-on-one sessions but also I speak about this in my eBook ‘The First Five Steps to a Deep Soul Cleanse’ and you can download that. The link is in the bio, but I will also copy and paste the link below and you can check it out if you are just wanting to release the negativity in your life and make way for more positive guidance. I am here for you and I hope this video served you well. I will talk to you tomorrow.

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