What if you could feel an even deeper sense of self-love and acceptance?

Learn the first 5 steps to get you feeling more aligned and content within!

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Introducing Deep Soul Cleanse

Your complete toolkit to help you reunite and connect with your true, authentic self so that you can feel inspired by your life!

This mini course will deliver a foundation for you to begin your own unique journey to self discovery:


– Discover the Importance of Silence and Breath

– Learn Ways to Achieve Meditation

– Embrace Your Artistic Nature (we’re all artists)

– Create Positive Vibrations

– Begin to Smile Within

– An opportunity to Receive Further Guidance

Deep Soul Cleanse

Reunite with your authentic self and feel inspired by your life...
  • 5 feel-good lessons with video, audio and journaling prompts
  • Stories, tools and practices for mindfulness
  • A space to support you in reuniting with your true self
  • Inspiration, positive guidance and feel-good vibes
  • Bonus resources to indulge in!

Hello friend!

I’m Lauren and I’m a lifestyle teacher serving and inspiring women to live in alignment with their highest self.


Through yoga philosophy, meta-physical practices and soulful conversations, I will guide you on a deeper self-discovery journey, paving the way for a more inspiring, fulfilling and creative life.


I’m going to share my real stories of transformation with you and I’ll give you tools and practices that helped me to get on an aligned path.


Your new path, will be one that excites you and I can show you, step-by-step, where to begin!


Sometimes it takes a mentor to shine the light in you and guide you to step into your full potential. And I’ll gladly fill that missing piece for you.

Let’s begin our journey together!