Anxiety - Why It Could Be Something That You Need | Sweet Smiling Soul
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Anxiety - Why It Could Be Something That You Need

Anxiety – Why It Could Be Something That You Need (Video Transcription)


Hi everybody it’s me, Lauren from Sweet Smiling Soul. So happy that you are tuning in today.


Today I am here to talk about anxiety and why it could be something that you need in your life. This is the second episode of my IGTV series where I share all the tools that have helped me on my own soul journey to just feeling more empowered and content within myself.


I have been struggling with anxiety for almost 10 years now. I had my first anxiety attack that was quite severe, when I was about 20. At the time I was working in a corporate job feeling quite stressed and very insecure. Something triggered me this day and I felt all the physical symptoms. I began to have shallow breathing; the tears were flowing, and I was just completely out of control in regard to being in control with my emotions. Ever since then it had been a part of my everyday life.


For the last few years I have actually been looking at anxiety in a different light and I look at it as if it is something that I kind of need to experience. So, this might sound a little bit strange, but I really believe that these things have helped me. They have also helped a client of mine who struggles with anxiety. She is actually on medication but wanted to incorporate holistic approaches and alternative approaches just to see how they could support her. After she put them into practice, she actually felt that she didn’t need to depend so much on her medication, and it opened her eyes to new ideas and ways to manage her anxiety.


So, whether you are on medication or not, you can totally incorporate these tools into your everyday life if you are one to suffer from anxiety.


I am not a doctor. I am not a psychologist and I would never encourage you to go off medication, if you are on medication. So please just take what you want from this information. If you are anything like me, you are open to receiving different ideas and tools that you could practice yourself, if it means that your anxiety will be reduced. So that’s why I am here to talk about this.


I am going to get straight into it and share the three things that have helped me look at anxiety in a completely different light. The first thing is to look at anxiety as if it is a warning sign for your soul or your body. It is your body wanting your attention. Just like when we have other illnesses like a cold or a flu or headaches or skin problems. Your body is wanting your attention and you need to address something within you. I tend to use anxiety now as a message and a warning sign or an alarm bell. It is my body kind of calling out to me asking me to listen.


The second is, anxiety is a nudge in a different direction. A nudge to make a change in life. The reason why I believe that I can use anxiety as a tool here is because the times where I have experienced extreme anxiety, it’s usually because I am doing something that’s not aligned with what I really want to be doing. For example, I used to work in a bank, and I decided to quit my corporate job to work with children and when I did that, I my anxiety reduced because I was doing something different. It was more suited to me at the time and so my anxiety reduced.

I used anxiety to make a change. It happened again when I went from working full-time to part-time and my anxiety reduced. And then again when I decided to change my life and move overseas. I did that and then my anxiety reduced. So every time I experience extreme anxiety, I use it as, again, a warning sign but also, it is a nudge in a different direction, a nudge to make a change. A nudge to have a good look at my life, where I am at and what needs to evolve. So that’s the second point.


The third thing is to know that anxiety is not a physical part of you that’s here to stay. It is not permanent it doesn’t belong to you. It is not a problem that you will have to deal with for the rest of your life. It is just something that is there, simply as a message for you to receive. So, if I am feeling really overwhelmed with the feelings of anxiety, if I say to myself, “This energy doesn’t belong to me” it immediately separates it from me. I don’t look at it as if it is something that defines me and that it is something that I have to deal with forever. It is allowing me to separate myself and observe anxiety and just see what anxiety has to tell me. If I say to myself “This energy doesn’t belong to me. This energy is not mine. It is just a message for me to receive” I find that that can be very beneficial.


Those are the three things. First, anxiety can be a warning sign for your soul. Your body wants your attention. The second thing is a nudge to make a change in your life. A nudge to take a new direction or take a leap of some sort. And then the third, is to know that it is not a physical part of you. It is not here to stay forever, and it doesn’t define you. It is a message for you to experience and observe. Understand that it is there to serve you.


I really hope that this makes some kind of sense and I would love your feedback on it. If there are any other tools that you use to support, you and the ways you manage anxiety I would absolutely love to know. Comment below or we can have a chat in the direct messages. Looking forward to the conversation.