3 Tools To Help You Find Your Purpose | Sweet Smiling Soul
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3 Tools To Help You Find Your Purpose

3 Tools To Help You Find Your Purpose (Video Transcription)


Hi everybody it’s me, Lauren from Sweet Smiling Soul. So happy that you are tuning in today. This is my very first episode of my five-part video series where I share all the tools that have helped me on my own soul journey in hopes to inspire you in some way and add value to your everyday life.


I really hope you enjoy this episode which is about the three tools that have helped me to find my own purpose. Super passionate about these tools. They are all spiritual but very practical.


The first tool is numerology. I bought my first book on numerology about five years ago and it was called “The Life You Were Born to Live”. Numerology is about calculating the numbers in your date of birth, but you can go deeper and calculate the numbers of the letters in your birth name, because each letter has a number allocated to it and has a certain vibration. It’s very fascinating.


At first, I was very sceptical, and I was like, “How can these calculations show me who I am and what I am here to do? I don’t really get it.” But then I actually drove in and did the calculations and I was just blown away with how accurate it was. It was very interesting for me so ever since; I have been using it and I am truly passionate about it.


You can go deeper and calculate the year that you are experiencing so right now, for example, I am experiencing a “one” personal year which is all about new beginnings. Each one of us has a nine-year cycle so last year, it was my ninth year, which is about endings and making way and preparing yourself for your one year which is going to be the next year. The year goes from birthday to birthday so I have been in my one year since April 2020 and it is really crazy. I am actually doing things that I never thought that I would do. I am learning so many new skills for example: a lot of tech stuff. I have never considered myself a very techy person but honestly, this year all I have been doing is working on building a website and marketing myself and all this business stuff. Analytics and all! This stuff that I never thought that I would need or learn about. It is completely new territory for me and it makes sense because I am in my one year which is all about fresh starts and learning new skills. Paving the way for an interesting nine-year cycle.


I am truly passionate about it. I refer back to my numbers quite often and there is also something else related to numerology called the ‘Divine Triangle’ and this is something I have only learned within the last six months. You can actually calculate a certain period of time in your life where a major event occurred, and you can get an understanding of why that happened. So you do the calculations and you’ll be like “Oh that makes sense because that was the energy I was experiencing during that time”. Another interesting thing.


I am actually open to doing numerology readings so if it is something that you are interested in or even if you just want to have a conversation and learn a bit about it, talk to me in the direct messages because I would love to show you how it works. Plus, it is my one year, which is all about trying new things. I’m totally open to it if you are interested.


The First thing that’s helped me find my purpose is numerology. It just gives you an over overview of what you are here to do, so very important on my own journey.


The second tool is oracle cards. I use the “Oracle of the Mermaids” by Lucy Cavendish and these I have been working with for about five years. I picked them up from a new age store on the Gold Coast in Australia. At the time I was living by the ocean and the mermaids just really stood out for me. They have honestly been such a special guide for me over the last five years, I have taken them on all my travels even with my clients, I pull a card at every session that I have, and it gives me goosebumps how accurate they can be. Not only for myself but for my clients too, so very cool.


I can go from maybe choosing one card for the day or I might do a 10-card spread. I use it as a guide to confirm that I am on the right path and that I am staying in alignment with my purpose. It is really cool how I can learn to listen to my intuition by looking at the cards and channelling in different messages. This is definitely one tool that I use quite often, and I will continue to use them moving forward because it just inspires me in so many ways. So that’s the second thing.


The third is yoga and meditation. Yoga and meditation have been a really important part of my life for quite a few years now. The main thing that I can get out of it is silence and stillness. About three years ago I experienced a Vipassana meditation course which is 10 days in pure silence. No distractions, no phones, computers or books. No exercise, no singing, dancing. No talking at all, not even eye contact. It is a very disciplined course and I did this course in Sri Lanka with about 40 or so other Sri Lankan women as well as a few foreigners such as Europeans and Americans.


It was 10 days of being silent with the meditation technique and what came up for me was how silence could just really enhance creativity and new ideas. So ever since, I have been making silence a part of my everyday life whether it be through meditation or yoga where my mind and body is at the same place at the same time.

Even walking in the park and reducing the noise around me, reducing the amount of tv I watch or being more present with myself in the space of silence. This is where I have my best ideas, truly.


It has really allowed me to get clear on my purpose what I want to do next. It has allowed me to write more. I never considered myself a writer and now I absolutely love to write. I really believe that silence has allowed me to channel the messages that I want to put out into the world. I am so grateful to have that as a superpower.


So those are the three things. Firstly numerology, secondly my oracle cards and my tarot cards; I love tarot as well. And thirdly, yoga and meditation, making way for silence so that I can breathe and have new ideas and creativity flow through me.


I really hope that this episode added value to you in some way and you learned something. If you are interested in learning more about numerology or even oracle cards feel free to message me. I would love to talk about this. This is my true passion. I really hope that this served you in some way and I look forward to tomorrow’s episode where we will talk about… what are we talking about tomorrow? Anxiety. That’s right. So, anxiety and how I am looking at it in a completely different light. It’s an interesting one. I look forward to sharing that with you. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and I will talk to you soon.